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Life is a Journey... of experiences, discoveries and learnings...

Travelling offers opportunity to discover intricacies of the world; its diversity, creativity and heritage. Camera becomes a tool to share my journey with a broader audience: to inspire, sometimes to educate, engage and entertain. When travelling one wants to capture in a tangible sense some of what one sees; scenery, architecture, street life, design, whether it is contemporary or ancient. When I have my camera to my eyes and I am thinking about countless stories that are unfolding in front on me in the very moment, I become a moment collector. I document the architecture, streets, people, wildlife and landscapes. You may find that my photographs sometimes represent tones of nostalgia that stand out the most: lingering longing for places where I lived or those that I visited; moments I have experienced. Photography is a powerful artistic medium that allows us to tap into these intense feelings of nostalgic longing and memories. It is a visual love affair with life and the world.


Cities: From Valencia to Montreal, cities provide endless inspiration for photographers seeking to capture dynamic images that portraying the spirit of a city and offer a glimpse into the urban world.

Nature: Mother nature can be a generous subject, but capturing her beauty isn’t easy and requires patience, or another time quick reaction with a shutter to capture a moment with flair, creativity and technique. Animals don’t play by the rules, which makes capturing those fleeting moments all the more rewarding. 


People: Some of the world’s most iconic photos are portraits and it’s no wonder — people make a travel experience. Through my photographs I often aim to show the human side of a destination, street life, culture, people at their daily activities.


Design: When it comes to travel, design is not just the latest exhibition, luxury hotel, art market, but rather the endless remoulding of destinations as they adapt to changing cultural, political or environmental climates. To design is to indulge our capacity to shape the future – it is the ultimate act of optimism and even defiance, creativity coming to the fore when challenged or repressed.

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