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Andalusia is a large autonomous region of hills, rivers and farmland bordering Spain’s southern coast. It was under Moorish rule from the 8th-15th centuries, known as Al-Andalus, a legacy that shows in its architecture, including such landmarks as the Alcázar castle in Seville, the capital city, as well as Córdoba’s Mezquita Mosque-Cathedral and Granada’s Alhambra palace.

It is one of the most vibrant and diverse regions of Spain that has influenced cultures of Latin America like no other place. It was from Seville and Andalusia that almost all Spanish colonial ships ventured to the new world influencing its language, architecture, customs and way of living. Many cultural phenomena that are seen internationally as distinctively Spanish are largely or entirely Andalusian in origin. Andalusia has become my favourite region in Spain for excursions and holidays and this gallery shares some of the regions outstanding intricacies.

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