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Oslo has long topped international polls for its quality of life, well designed public services and behind-the-scenes diplomatic clout. It is one of Europe’s wealthiest and fastest growing cities stepping up to take the initiative in everything from urban planning, architecture to digital transformation. A city of creativity, design & architecture, knowledge and capital. Yet so gracefully integrated with surrounding nature. There is the city’s breathtaking landscape scenery, nearness to nature, fjords and walkable size. The city has become a capital of contemporary architecture. Recent years have seen the addition of modern landmarks by world-class architects, the emergence of a brand new skyline, and the onset of city development projects that transform old areas and create new ones. A fine example is the harbour waterfront with the majestic Opera House and high rise glass fronts of the Barcode development. On the other side of the waterfront there is Akkerbryge district – a modern neighbourhood with an architectural masterpiece Astrup Fearnley Museum. provides relevant information for tourists going to Norway and gives a good impression of what a holiday in Norway is like. The award winning website aims to be the Norwegian tourism industry’s main communication channel for those planning to visit, or are already on the road in Norway. is an online travel guide to Norway’s capital city of Oslo and its region

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