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Service Design in Scandinavia

The SDN Nordic Chapters SDN Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden joined forces to develop a documentary that illustrates the value of service design. ‘Nordic Service Design’ showcases the most unique and forward thinking work by Nordic service design practitioners and leader.

Service Designers use digital platforms, online and physical environments when designing new services. The purpose is to transfer value to the user, respond to users’ needs and expectations – from the hospital to the patient, from business to the customer – in an efficient, comprehensive and attractive way. To achieve this, systematic efforts to understand the context, find users’ needs and generate new ideas for communication materials, websites, touch points, work practices and cooperative partners. The process is interdisciplinary and service designers lean towards other design disciplines such as interaction design, graphic design and industrial design, as well as experts in research, business development, marketing, anthropology, sociology and interior architecture.

With the ever-growing importance of the service sector and digital services in Nordic countries, the focus on innovation and user experience in this area has opened up a huge market for service design  profession in recent years. The film was screened in the form of a roadshow across the Nordic countries in January 2018. It is an interesting insight into the service design practice and case studies across Scandinavia. It reminded me of the first time I started to work with professional service designers apply design thinking and service design skillset in  commercial projects while working for a Norwegian design, technology and consulting company Making Waves.

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