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Leading Business by Design

Leading Business by Design qualitative research project from British Design Council that investigates the strategic use of design at senior levels in a sample of UK and global businesses.

Scale, adaptability, agility and innovation. In today’s volatile and rapidly chaining world, these are essentials that every company needs to grow and to remain relevant. Service design thinking that is focus on customer perspective and user experience is a real game changer and a raising trent across the industries. More and more we realise the necessity to become customer centric as opposite to process centric. In fact companies are seeking balance between excellent lean processes and excellent customer service.  Service Design methodology is entering service world the same way as Lean/ Six Sigma/ Operational Excellence was entering services world 7-8 years ago.

Design is everything, because without it we have no business. Anybody can design a decent product or service. They can’t all design outstanding products or services. So, design is the differentiator…

The London based Design Council released a business analysis on nvesting in design as a business catalyst, including case studies from O2, Barclays Bank or Virgin Atlantic. Some other well known brands investing in service design beyond the digital platforms (where UX design traditionally had a significant influence) include Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Apple or Phillips.

The report highlights the three key findings on how businesses can benefit from design:

  • Design is customer-centred – Benefit is greatest when design is intimately related to solving problems, especially customers’ problems.

  • Design is most powerful when culturally embedded – It works best when it has strong support in the organisation, especially from senior management.

  • Design can add value to any organisation – Design can benefit manufacturing and service-based organisations, small, medium or large.

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