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Key Attributes of a Customer Journey Map

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

A customer journey map is a tool that helps to improve your customer experience by breaking down interactions with customers to specific points — from when you initially create awareness of your service or product to when they actively seek to research your brand, select one of your products or services, make a purchase and ultimately become advocates of your brand and satisfied customers.

This allows you to understand how your customers perceive you at every step of their journey, which in turn helps you to identify opportunities for improvements and creating greater consistency across your customer experience across digital and physical interactions.

  • From the Customer’s Point of View.

Customer Journeys are outside in. They are developed from your customer’s perspective, rather than your internal processes or systems.

  • Visualize Customers’ Perceptions of their Experience.

This includes customers’ actions, their goals and needs, motivations, expectations and emotions about the experience.

  • Incorporate actionable insights and metrics.

A Customer Journey Map helps to identify key moments that matter to your customers, experienced pain-points and opportunities for improvements and innovation. Use metrics to measure the health of your customer experience such as web analytics, NPS scores, client feedback, complaints or customer reviews.

  • Create Journey Across Digital and Physical Touch-points.

CJM creates a holistic view of a customer experience by capturing a journey across channels (web, mobile, phone, in-store, customer service support, etc.) and touch-points (every interaction customers have with your organisation)

  • Include qualitative and quantitative metrics.

Use contextual inquiry to get deep qualitative understanding of the customers’ journey. Then, validate with quantitative metrics like data from your call centre, web analytics, or customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Tailor map to engage business stakeholders.

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