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Coca-Cola New Creative Space in London

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

A Space Designed to Perfectly Complement the Brand and the Employee Experience.

In late spring 2014, The Coca-Cola Company moved to its new London headquarter just off the Oxford street. It was not till very recently that I had a chance to visit this masterpiece design work that integrates branding strategy with exquisite interior design. A hand painted signage artwork by Acrylicize is greetings both employees and visitors right at the entrance, and it is just one of many indications that you’re stepping into the new home of Coca-Cola. 

The heritage building has undergone a complete redesign with architectural design firm MoreySmith at the helm. The stunning loft-style spaces includes a wall of 5,000 recycled drink bottles as well as hundreds of brand memorabilia. The interior of the building is a celebration of Coca‑Cola’s heritage and place in both Britain’s and global popular culture. There is a ‘heritage wall’  featuring iconic Coca‑Cola product designs, artwork and advertising – to showcase the history of worlds most recognisable brand. It is an eco-friendly and creative space filled with open meeting spaces surrounded by post-industrial, vintage interior design with touches of iconic red colour embedded in Coca-Cola logo. A perfect example how a brand should be reflected in a workplace and how workplace should stimulate creativity, collaboration, engagement and brand emancipation – a mantra favoured also by other leading brands such as Apple, Google, Nike or Motorola – all heavily invested in the corporate workplace redesign. After all the office aims to inspire some of Europe’s most creative teams producing Coca-Cola iconic campaigns, digital presence and interactive marketing activities.

When I entered the office for the first time I got an immediate WOW effect. In no way the outside of the building prepared me to the modern spacious and creative environment encountered inside. Upon entering, right in the main lobby  I was struck by a view of a 21-foot-high comet-shaped installation featuring more than thousands of acrylic “ice chunks,” suspended on ultra-fine wires and illuminated by LEDs. Coca-Cola branding is evident everywhere throughout its office. Not only is fire-engine red at play on every floor, but a custom-built, double-sided display wall has also been installed over three floors to showcase the brand’s heritage.

Sustainability has been at the heart of the new office space design. A perfect blend of heritage, innovation and modernity. To complete the experience any visitor and employee will be further amazed by a roof-top terrace overlooking central London, its skyline and the iconic BT Tower.

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