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Service Design at Coca-Cola

Service Design at Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Global Business Services


When Coca-Cola moved its European, Middle East and African Global Business Services operations to its Warsaw hub, the company decided to take a fresh approach to the way GBS provided business services to The Coca-Cola Company and its franchising partners around the world.        

The vision was to treat the Coca-Cola employees and partners as customers of GBS services. Along with this new service design mindset came emphasis on the end-to-end experience of those services.


Putting Coca-Cola GBS in the shoes of its customers, I challenged the stakeholders with  four key questions:

  • 1. How do you ensure your services are relevant and easy-to-use?

  • 2. How can you demonstrate a human touch in the digital world you work in?

  • 3. How do you make sure your business customers enjoy working with you?

  • 4. How do you deliver a delightful experience that really reflects the Coca-Cola brand values?


To respond to those questions I recommended GBS leadership to turn to service design – an innovative approach, to creating great service experiences grounded in customer insights. A Customer Centric Services by Design program was defined and delivered over the period of two years with service design workshops and trainings organised in the Coca-Cola offices in Warsaw, Atlanta, London, Dubai and San Jose. I was responsible for managing the overall program budget, report to the project office in the headquarters in Atlanta, manage external consultancies, contractors and internal program team based in different Coca-Cola offices around the world.


Coca Cola also issued an international request for proposals from service design consultancies to support the program with their teams of service designers. My responsibilities included defining and managing the RFP process, review received proposals and help the business select the right consultancy for the first year of the program.

Over two years with colleagues in London, Warsaw and Atlanta I initiated the service design practice at Coca-Cola GBS, having defined the service design roadmap and curriculum for trainings delivered to multidisciplinary teams across GBS offices.  I also produced the videos that help the business better understand service design and the business value of our program.

Here you can read the article I wrote for Design for Europe website, a case study on my design-led work for The Coca-Cola Company. 

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