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              Converting great ideas into executed projects delivering business value. With Design Thinking at the core of my practices I work at the intersection of digital technologies, visual & service design and project management.


Service Design


It is a human-centered approach to designing service experience that draws from integrating the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. Service design  leverages expertise from UX, visual communication design, psychology, marketing, operational excellence, digital technologies, ethnography, customer service, product design and business analysis. It provides new methods for engaging customers, making complicated things simple and delivering a better service setup  Read more…



Scandinavian design in general is known for being simple, minimalistic and focused on user experience: from modern architecture, industrial design, interiors, to some of the coolest websites online. My numerous visits to Norway inspired me and enlightened me with respect to simplicity and usability of both visual and urban design concepts. Many of those design aspects have been inherited by web designers based in Scandinavia and influenced web design elsewhere.  Read More…

Digital & Physical Fusion


Adapting your strategy to Digital & Physical Fusion offers customers a seamless, intuitive, enjoyable and engaging experience. Speak to the millennial generation in their mother tongue – digital. Look through the eyes of an end user. Web design should always consider a wider picture – how does a website fit into a user holistic experience, what service does it provide, what needs it shall meet. We do not design websites anymore, we design platforms that enable and inform about services and help shape your brand and your customers’ experience. Read More…

Think Krakow


For Tourism, Business and Living; a digital magazine and social media campaign delivered for Making Waves – a Scandinavian company based in Oslo and Krakow. Project managed from concept to launch: design, development and content production. Krakow is Poland’s second largest city and has emerged as one of the fastest growing outsourcing, digital & IT hot spots in the world. According to the last Tholons Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations report the city remains the best European location for outsourcing services. Read more…

” The future of the world economy is a knowledge economy –  the internet, its backbone…  — Internet.org 


Design Thinking
Visual Communication Design
UX and Service Design Projects
Web Communication Strategy
Digital Content Production
Corporate Communication 
Project Management
Digital & Physical Fusion
Creative Industries 
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Take a general look at the process used when managing and delivering a new project. Project Manager connects required resources with vision and objectives to make things happen using tools and methodologies mastered across the disciplines. From agile project management standards, operational excellence principles to design thinking in order to create design-conducive and innovative environment that empowers customer centric solutions.  


Combining empathy for the context of a problem, creativity in generation of insights and solutions, and rationality in analysing and fitting various solutions to the problem context. Applying design thinking – a human-centered approach that deeply integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. 


The professionally trained design team applies design principles and techniques across various design disciplines: user experience, visual communication, information architecture, content design, customer journey mapping – employing interdisciplinary and hybrid approaches to the practice of design. Project manager and the team aim to completely understand the target user audience and how they would interact with the solution.


Design-led solutions are further developed, iterated and tested with end users. Key activities and objectives during the Develop stage are: well defined and understood user profiles, experience scenarios, role playing, service and interaction blueprinting, physical prototyping engaging real users.

Manage Delivery

Designed product or service is finalised and launched. The key activities and objectives during this stage are: implementation, final testing, approval and launch; targets, evaluations and feedback loops. We launch a website or a service and reveal it to the world, but that’s not the end of the story… Effective team collaboration, as well as stakeholders and users engagement is a key role of a project manager in this phase.

” Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people. — Steve Jobs, Apple


Cross Industry Experience

Holistic User Analysis – Mapping User Experience
Customer Journey Mapping
Service Scenarios Prototyping & Pilots
Service model based on digital & physical fusion
User Centred Digital Innovation: Visual Design, Content, Mobile, Infographics
Iterative Process: Discover, Define, Develop & Deliver

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Service Design


Coca-Cola_logodesign-for-europe-logoHow do you develop service design capability within a well established global organisation?
 Service design is about creating service experiences that really work for people. Recognised around the world for iconic brand, service design is becoming increasingly central to The Coca-Cola Company. The following article published on ‘Design for Europe’ website, explores the recent project I delivered for the Coca-Cola Global Business Services. Service design approach enabled getting a deep understanding of GBS customers’ desires, needs and pain points. The methodology helped to embed Coca-Cola consumer brand values in GBS services throughout digital and physical interactions. The vision and design phase of the project was based on customer experience journey mapping. Read more…
KpmgReinventing Millennial Candidate Experience For One of the Most Desired Employers. A case study from one of the projects I was assigned to, on designing and developing web based immersive candidate assessment centre for KPMG. Penna, a global HR Services group based in London, delivered award winning digital web based candidate assessment centre for KPMG, one of the world’s largest consulting and services firms. The solution included design and development of high quality 3D animations and scenario videos, and resulted in collaboration with number of external parties in the UK and Poland. The Millennials applicants love the use of new technology and the immersive assessment tools that really bring to life what working for KPMG is like.

Case Study: Key points on the KPMG immersive assessment centre.

Understanding the role of destination brand perception in the generation of tourism is vital to all businesses from the travel sector. A success of Visitnorway and Visitoslo portals shows how powerful web can be in enhancing brand and providing information about destination and tourism related services to online users worldwide. Multi-language visitnorway.com is a gateway portal for all visitors to Norway. Producing content for various markets and languages requires not only adapting the language but also a degree of cultural adaptation – finding the right triggers and calls to action that will connect with the audience.

clientVisiting Oslo – impressions from my first visit to the Norwegian capital.

Visit Norway – photography gallery.

presentation18Visitnorway.com – Gateway portal for all visitors to Norway.

globe-2-32BRANDS :” Branding is a profound manifestation of the human condition.” Wally Olins (1930 -2014).
From technology firms, through consumer products to nation branding – Brand is a powerful way of communication while affiliating with specific ideas, values, attributes, feelings and experiences. It differentiates one entity from another. It is embedded across marketing, product development, service design or visual communication design. Here are some of my favourite brands and examples of outstanding visual or digital work: Coca-Cola, Apple, Monocle, Britain is Great, Wired, Icsid/Icograda, Google, HSBC, Adobe, LinkedIn, Visitnorway, Canada,  IAmsterdam, Porsche, Deutche Bank, BBC, Design Council, Montreal. Read More…

Cross Industry International Experience Gained While Managing Projects For Global Brands